Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 22, 2009

And today we have more fuzzybutt pictures... I don't get out much during the week except to go to work, so it's all I got. LOL

The cat's in the cupboard and the silver spoon... little boy blue and the man in the moon... (5 bonus points if you can figure out what song I'm murdering here... and yeah, I'm singing it out loud to get the words right...)

This is Cali.  She climbed in the minute I got the stuff out from under the sink.


I swear, Cali thinks that it's Hamster TV in that cage.  She'll sit and just WATCH the cage (even when Destiny is out in her ball, dumb cat still stares inside) for hours.  As you can see, Destiny isn't phased in the least by it.  She's all glug, glug, glug... oh, hey kitteh... whazzup?


And Destiny at the end of her nightly run.  She hates being put away, can you tell?  Sad lookin', ain't she?


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