Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

Okay, so one of my very favorite things in the world is a hot, soft pretzel.  However, you can’t really find good ones just anywhere these days.  I mean, Pretzel Time and Auntie Anne’s are okay, but they’re not great either.  Although, I really do love my Wetzel’s Pretzels…  LOL 

So, I thought I’d take a shot at making my own this weekend.  And while the results are mixed, I think I may just try this again. 

Now that I know what not to do…  LOL

The pepperoni and cheese pretzels… discovered you have to really watch these because the fat from the pepperoni causes them to burn if you don’t.  Oh well.  They were still tasty.


Yeah, I know… they look funny…


Ah-hah!  Finally I got some to turn out right.  Sorta.  LOL


Anyway, despite the pretzels themselves being a bit of a failure, it was a fun adventure and I know that the more I work at them, the better they’ll get. 

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